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1870 First Riverside-Delanco Bridge built for wagons and passengers; cost $50,000
1901 Second Riverside-Delanco Bridge built to accommodate trolleys, other vehicles, and pedestrians
1920s Original Swede Run Bridge built
1920s or 1930s Twin-Pipe Culvert structure built by Burlington County
1923 Second Riverside-Delanco Bridge strengthened due to larger and heavier trolleys
February 1928 Tacony-Palmyra Bridge construction began
August 14, 1929

Tacony-Palmyra Bridge construction completed and opened to traffic

August 1929 Toll on Tacony-Palmyra Bridge 35¢
April 1930 Burlington-Bristol Bridge construction began
May 2, 1931 Burlington-Bristol Bridge construction completed and opened to traffic

Construction of current Riverside-Delanco Bridge begins

Swede Run Bridge reconstructed; superstructure rebuilt and roadway widened

Western 70% portion of Pompeston Creek Bridge built by Burlington County

February 1935

Design and construction problems at Riverside-Delanco Bridge identified; new Consulting Engineer appointed

September 14, 1935 Riverside-Delanco Bridge opened to traffic

October 22, 1948 Burlington County Freeholders formally adopted the resolution to create the Burlington Country Bridge Commission and approved the purchase of the Burlington-Bristol and Tacony-Palmyra Bridges from a private company
1948 Toll rates reduced to 25¢
1950s & 1960s On Burlington-Bristol Bridge north and south approaches were rebuilt and realigned to eliminate s-curves which provided safer and smoother ride for motorists
1954 Toll rates reduced 5¢ when financing bonds were retired

Construction of Pennsauken Creek Bridge began

Construction of Route 73 Overpass began


Construction of Pennsauken Creek Bridge completed

Construction of Route 73 Overpass completed

August 4, 1962

Pennsauken Creek Bridge opened to traffic

Route 73 Overpass opened to traffic


Ownership and maintenance of almost 7 miles of roadway on County Route 543 (known locally as River Road) transferred from Burlington County to Commission.  Acquires:

  • Pennsauken Creek Bridge (County Rte. 543 over Pennsauken Creek [Palmyra-Pennsauken])
  • Route 73 Overpass (County Rte. 543 over Rte. 73 [Palmyra])
  • Pompeston Creek Bridge (County Rte. 543 over Pompeston Creek [Riverton-Cinnaminson])
  • Swede Run Bridge (County Rte. 543 over Swede Run [Delran])
  • Twin Pipe Culvert (County Rte. 543 – Twin Pipe Culvert [Delanco])

Concrete deck and approach pavement surfaces of Riverside-Delanco Bridge repaired and resurfaced

Pompeston Creek Bridge and Swede Run Bridge widened to the east

1974 Current Swede Run Bridge built
December 1988 Portion of Arch Span of Tacony-Palmyra Bridge hit by floating crane boom; bridge closed to vehicular traffic for one month

Complete replacement of Burlington-Bristol Bridge lift span bridge deck and sidewalk

Original pedestrian walkway of Riverside-Delanco Bridge replaced

1996 Work begins on complete replacement of Tacony-Palmyra Bridge’s original bridge deck and maintenance walkways
October 14, 1996 Current Swede Run Bridge opened to traffic
1997 Concrete deck and approach pavement surfaces of Riverside-Delanco Bridge repaired and resurfaced
1998 Tacony-Palmyra Bridge’s original bridge deck and maintenance walkways replaced
2000 Numerous structural steel and concrete repairs made to Riverside-Delanco Bridge
September 2000 Riverside-Delanco Bridge’s 65th Anniversary—custom carved wooden bridge identification signs installed on both ends of bridge and historic-style light poles and twin luminaries replace existing standard aluminum light pole assemblies
2001 Riverside-Delanco Bridge completely repainted
Early 2003 Construction begins on decks and sidewalks of Pennsauken Creek Bridge and Route 73 Overpass, occurring in 3 stages in order to maintain traffic in both directions during construction
2003 E-Z Pass and electronic toll collection equipment added to Tacony-Palmyra and Burlington-Bristol Bridges
May 2004 Decks and sidewalks of Pennsauken Creek Bridge and Route 73 Overpass replaced
2005 Pier E u/s interim fender completed on Tacony-Palmyra Bridge
2006 Steel track plates on bascule span of Tacony-Palmyra Bridge replaced

Bearing replacement project completed and submarine termination cable boxes on the bascule span replaced on Tacony-Palmyra Bridge


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